Understand your space like never before.

Spatial Fields™ generates the most robust occupant data. Down to the cubic foot. All in real-time.

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Spatial Fields™ is a Construction-Ready Lighting Controls system that can do so much more.

The Process

The process of integrating Spatial Fields™ lighting controls into a Construction project is just like any other, but its upsides are remarkably different.

Number 1

Design your Lighting Controls Platform with Spatial Fields™

Spatial Fields™ powers a full-suite lighting controls system comprised of: Moetsi sensors, the Mathbox™ processing head-end, an Igor™ PoE system, and the Ctrl™ app. Our integration partners at Ctrl Building will work with your consulting engineers, lighting designers and architects to build out a hardware specification that will work seamlessly with the Spatial Fields™ platform.

Full suite of Moetsi sensors along with Mathbox™ processing node, on-premise

Lighting controls hardware using Igor PoE Technology

Ctrl™ app as your front-end lighting controls interface

Number 2

Simplified Integration for Construction

We've partnered with Ctrl Building, the premier Integrator of advanced building technology for construction projects. The integration is simple: we provide high quality device shop-drawings, hardware supply & project management, contractor install training, and system commissioning.

High quality device shop-drawings

Hardware supply and project management

Contractor install training

System commissioning and programming

Number 3

Unlock data for the Spatial Fields™ App Store

Once integrated for lighting controls, Spatial Fields™ has the capability to do so much more. Property managers can choose to unlock the premium features of Spatial Fields™ and take advantage of the robust, real-time spatial data it generates, down to the cubic foot. Download an app from the Spatial Fields™ App Store, or create your very own custom app.

The lighting controls system is capable of generating robust spatial data, down to the cubic foot

This robust spatial data powers a suite of space performance apps, found on the Spatial Fields™ App Store

Unlock the premium features with no additional commissioning needed

Your data is completely anonymized (we never run any facial recognition or other biometric recognition)

Your data is handled securely, with end-to-end encryption

Your Own Custom App, Powered By Spatial Fields™

Once Spatial Fields™ is installed for lighting control, the property manager can unlock its premium features.

Run "SQL-like" queries on the spatial data generated by Spatial Fields™ to better understand or interact with a space. Download space utilization apps on the Spatial Fields™ App Store.

Want to build the app yourself? You can, on Unity. Spatial Fields™ runs on Unity, the #1 3D Development Engine.

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